KISMET was established in 1992 by Chaiyan Ananwattanasuk, founder and professional craftsman who has spent more than 30 years to create millions of exquisite leather goods.

KISMET FAMILY started from a small block in town with less than 10 staffs. Now we expand our production line to a proper factory in Samut Sakhon province with more professional craftsmen and more than 30 skilled staffs.

Our craftsmen team has expertise in design and craftsmanship. We are ready to support customers from the start of material selection, design and product development to give our customers the highest satisfaction.

From our beginnings over 20 years ago, we have always ensured that everything we have done honors our customers. ‘Honesty’ is our core value that makes us has been growing sustainably. We choose only high quality genuine leather and perfect material to make the perfect pieces for our customers. We have never stopped to make everything better than our first step and we are continuing to serve our customers with heart to maintain customers trustworthy.



Stingray skin has been used for the thousands of years. From the ancient time until now, people value its strength and power, they believe that stingray pearl would bring them prosperity and good luck.

Chinese value stingray skin as the "Lucky Charm". They believe that using products that made from stingray skin would make them wealthy and healthy.

Stingray skin is known as "immortal strength and beauty". It is resistant to flame, water and being torn or punctured. Ancient Egyptians and Japanese samurais use its skin for their decorative items, armors and swords. King Louis XV of France had numbers of items made from stingray skin.

It’s not easy to transform stingray skin into bags, wallets, accessories and all decorative items. Only high experienced craftsmen, who are able to dye, soften, smoothen, and make its shine. That is the reason why products that made from stingray skin are high value in the market.